Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance Review


Dog Pet healthcare options are amazing nowadays; you can get radiation, chemotherapy, and diabetic care, for your pet which is almost as good as what humans receive. However unlike medical treatment for humans there is no Medicare for pets. Therefore many pet owners are now turning to pet insurance to ensure their furry friend gets the treatment they need.

In this post I will be reviewing BowBowMeow pet insurance. The cost I will provide at the end will be based on my own cat Thomas. Thomas is 6 years old and lives in NSW. The cost is an indicator only, to show you how the price varies between policies for exactly the same animal. Each pet is an individual and therefore premiums will vary. The main purpose is to review each policy’s benefits. To compare all the policies check out the pet insurance comparison article.

Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance

BowWowMeow Insurance Coverage

BowWow Insurance is underwritten by Hollard who also underwrites, RSPCA insurance, 1300 Insurance and Woolworths pet insurance.

However you will notice that even though there are a lot of similarities between the policies, there are also a number of differences. So it is still worth comparing all your options.

BowWowMeow Insurance has three policy options

Accident Plan – Accident Plan will only cover your pet if they are injured accidentally, for example if they are hit by a car or tear a ligament.
Comprehensive Plan – This plan covers your vet costs if your pet falls ill or is injured accidentally.
Major Medical – This plan is similar to the comprehensive plan however it is cheaper and carries a higher excess which will be discussed below.

Important Facts about BowWowMeow Insurance

What are the limitations? – As with all the other policies reviewed on this website pets need to be insured when they are aged between 8 weeks and 9 years, otherwise they will not be accepted for cover. However if they have been insured prior to their ninth birthday, they will continue to be covered for life.


What is the Rebate? – All three policies will cover up to 80% of your pet’s out of pocket medical expenses.

Is there an excess payable? – There is a no excess option for the Accident and Comprehensive Plans, however if you want to reduce your fortnightly premium you can choose to take a $100 per condition excess. If you choose the Major Medical option then there is a compulsory $500 excess.

What other exclusions are there? – Pregnancy, obstetrics, dental work special diets, grooming and behavioural problems are not covered, neither are any pre-existing illnesses. There are complaints about insurers not paying out for certain skin conditions. However the PDS states that the insurer will not pay out for anything that is preventable. Therefore if your pet has fleas or mites which have caused the skin problems then they will not be covered.

This cover is not for working animals, you require specialist cover for that.

What are the annual claim limits? The Accident Plan will pay up to $8000 per year for accidental injury. If you choose Comprehensive or Major Medical then you can choose whether to be covered for $8000 per year or $12000 per, depending on your budget.

How often to premiums increase? – Premiums are reviewed annually, however if your pet gets ill often and you have several claims in a year then you may find that your premiums will increase substantially.

Are specialist treatments covered? – Yes if it is required for the treatment of your pets. Prescriptions are also covered if your pet falls ill and they are required. However vitamin supplements are not covered.

Free Pet Tags – You will receive free pet tags for your pet every year you are insured.

Genuine Life Long Cover – This is a great benefit. If your pet has a chronic illness such as cancer or diabetes you can continue to claim every year for the same condition.

Multi Pet Discount – You will receive 20% off for each additional pet you have covered under the same insurer.

One of the unique offerings of BowWowMeow is that they have a number of ways you can you reduce your premiums while still ensuring your pet is covered should the unexpected happen. For example you can reduce your plan by choosing to take a $100 per condition excess or you can choose a smaller annual claim limit.

Shop around and compare policies. Choose the one you feel comfortable will give you the cover you need while remaining within your budget.